“Engineered Sports Science solutions designed to help your horses reach their potential.”

From the all necessary safe surfacing, Equivia, to Altitude Training Systems and our flagship Seawalkers, our products are all born from horsemen seeking a better way. While miles of training can never be replaced we seek to make each step safer and more productive while also offering innovative aids for recovery and wellbeing.

Equine Health Centre was born in 2004 when the first Seawalker was built at Horses First Racing. We have learnt a lot since then and have now built Seawalkers on 3 continents as well as adding what we feel are the best possible products to complement the Seawalker.

Each is designed on the basis of experience, research and, most importantly, the horse. By working with the best international manufacturers we can offer the horseman that expects more a range of solutions to common challenges that will each offer a marginal advantage.

We cannot make a fast horse out of a slow one but everything we do sets out to reduce the risk of a horse not fulfilling their full ability.

As an engineering company we take care of the details of design, materials and quality, standing by our work allowing our clients to concentrate on what they do best: winning.


  • Justin Chittenden
    Justin Chittenden

    Founded Equine Health Centre twelve years ago. An engineer with extensive experience in both construction and financial sectors give Justin the ability to design and bring to life complex projects designed specifically for your horse’s needs.

  • Olly Stevens
    Olly Stevens

    International G1 and Royal Ascot Winning trainer who joined Equine Health Centre having started out as a client. Olly’s enquiring mind, passion for gallops and quest for marginal gains made EHC a perfect fit after deciding to retire from training in 2015.

  • Sara Postlethwaite
    Sara Postlethwaite

    Has run the Equine Health Centre office in Somerset since 2010 and ensures that each project is fully supported and is delivered on time. The devil is in the detail and Sara ensures that even the smallest components all arrive on time. She will also send you bills.

  • Nick Waite
    Nick Waite

    Nick has been involved with EHC since 2006 and is very much part of the furniture although he doesn’t like working anywhere where there is any. He has his own construction business but he joins us on-site whenever there is a chance to get his hands dirty. Nick was instrumental in the evolution of the Seawalker and we wouldn’t be where we are today without him.

  • Anna Makas
    Anna Makas

    Anna joined EHC in Feb 2008. Her main duties are co-ordinating mail-outs to potential clients, sales support, website updates, travel booking, running a checklist for management of on-going projects and assisting with book-keeping.

  • Eddie Pearce
    Eddie Pearce

    Eddie spent 20 years working in the water industry and there isn’t much that he and his team doesn’t know about water management, pipe fittings, complex control panels and plant room fit outs. Eddie loves to travel and has worked for us all over the world.

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