We offer a full supply and installation service including preparation for all associated ground works and alteration of utility services (water, electricity). Providing a one-stop solution dramatically reduces the time you have to dedicate to installation, as well as preventing any misunderstandings that might arise where a local ground worker is employed.

We believe that our experience will almost inevitably reduce the overall installation time.

A project manager will be assigned to your installation to provide a single point of reference throughout the works as well as to ensure that everything is done to your full satisfaction.

In order to price the groundworks, a site survey is essential. The cost is offset against a confirmed order. The survey includes assessing the viability of the site (soil type, slope, drainage, etc) as well as access and accessibility to services.


When the installation is completed, all users of the equipment will be given free safety and training induction.


This system has been designed to minimise the number of working parts and therefore the associated maintenance. For example, the central rotating wheel is lubricated by an automatic battery-operated greasing mechanism; this needs to be regularly checked for grease levels but would require replacement, on average, only once or twice per year.

EHC can provide an annually renewable maintenance contracts. Details are available on request.

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  • My Vitafloor is an intrinsic part of our training and fitness programme. All the horses on the yard use it every week throughout the year; this includes the hunters, eventers and my children's ponies. I feel the floor improves muscle stability and tone. It is a vital piece of equipment for Team Taylor and I would not be without it.

    Izzy Taylor Team Taylor Eventing, UK
  • The Vitafloor® is a great addition for our competition horses. It really helps to keep them in top shape, sound and healthy!

    S. Peters Dressage San Diego, California USA, spetersdressage.com
  • We use Vitafloor® every day and it helps our horses to recover after tough training.

    Daniel Zetterman Swedish National Team, Linderod, Sweden, www.springfieldfarm.se
  • The Vitafloor® is very user-friendly and practical in design. Since using it, my horses are fitter and more relaxed with improved musculature. It also helps prevent tying-up. …our family-owned racehorse ‘Mikado’ has shown great improvement using Vitafloor®.

    Bob Leonard Racing Las Cruzes, New Mexico USA
  • Peas & Carrots became racehorse of the year twice in Sweden with help from our Vitafloor®!

    Lennart Reuterskiöld Jr. Svedala, Sweden, lrjunior.se
  • We use the Vitafloor® on all our trotters and it makes them stronger and smoother.

    Helena Burman Trainer of Jackal Face, Sweden
  • I can definitely feel the lack of strength, flexibility and especial lack of muscle mass that Henry is displaying this year compared to last year when he was on a Vitafloor each day.

    Peter Atkins Member Australian WEG Team, Ocala, Florida USA

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