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Equine Health Centre are pleased to announce their partnership with, Australian Olympian, Christopher Burton. As UK distributors for Horse Gym 2000 and Vitafloor, Equine Health Centre have been working closely with the three times CCI5* winning event rider in the development of the training and rehabilitation facilities at, his UK base, Chedington Equestrian.


“We’ve been delighted to work with Equine Health Centre.  It’s a fantastic facility here at Chedington, and thanks to Equine Health Centre we have all of these options available to us. I’m quite excited to see how we can use the Aquatrainer, Horse Gym 2000 dry treadmill and the Vitafloor as a way of both preventing injury and improving performance.”  Christopher Burton


Equine Health Centre have aligned themselves with world leading, innovative, products for the equine industry since 2004 when their flagship product, the Seawalker, was first installed at Horses First Racing. Now working across all equestrian disciplines, and with products installed at professional and private equestrian facilities around the world, the partnership with Burton Equestrian is the first of its kind for the company.


“We’re honoured to be working with Chris and his team who all seem to really appreciate what we can provide.  Like Chris we’re committed to helping equines reach their full potential.  We look forward to working with Chris and following the progress and careers of the individual horses” Justin Chittenden, Managing Director.


“The Aquatrainer is the most excellent way for doing cross-training.  It is core strength and excellent conditioning training for the horses, while being low impact.  One of the reasons I prefer the Horse Gym 2000 dry treadmill over a circular walker is that the horses are walking in a straight line and of course, for me, the uphill graduation is the best bit.  I’ve never been a fan of horses always working on a turn, and this is what we can avoid by using the treadmills” confirmed Burton.


The Aquatrainer at Chedington Equestrian can be used with chilled water or as a dry treadmill and is used for both rehabilitation and performance development.  The Vitafloor is the original, and only, whole body vibration therapy solution designed specifically for horses.  The use of equine vibration therapy works to prevent injury and works to speed up rehabilitation and recovery, by improving blood circulation throughout the body. Both facilities are available for external visitors to use at Chedington Equestrian.

glass sided water walker for horses

Horse Gym 2000 Aquatrainer at Chedington Equestrian

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