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Equivia, Vitafloor, Horse Gym 2000, Seawalker, Belebro Horse Walkers and Altitude Training Systems – solutions designed to help your horses reach their potential.

With our expertise, Equine Health Centre has collated a range of world leading innovative products for the equine.  From our unique blend of all weather surface, Equivia, to Vitafloor, the original vibrating floor systems designed exclusively for horses; Horse Gym 2000, a comprehensive range of horse treadmills, aqua treadmills and spa; our flagship Seawalker– a horse walker in chilled salt water;  Belebro Horse Walkers and Altitude Training Systems.  Our collection is born from horsemen seeking a better way. While miles of training can never be replaced we seek to make each step safer and more productive while also offering innovative aids for recovery and wellbeing.

Equine Health Centre was born in 2004 when the first Seawalker was built at Horses First Racing. We have learnt a lot since then and have now built Seawalkers on 3 continents as well as adding what we feel are the best possible products to complement the Seawalker.

Each is designed on the basis of experience, research and, most importantly, the horse. By working with the best international manufacturers we can offer the horseman that expects more a range of solutions to common challenges that will each offer a marginal advantage.

We cannot make a fast horse out of a slow one but everything we do sets out to reduce the risk of a horse not fulfilling their full ability.

As an engineering company we take care of the details of design, materials and quality, standing by our work allowing our clients to concentrate on what they do best: winning.


  • Justin Chittenden
    Justin Chittenden The Boss

    Challenge led, intuitive resolver.

    A Somerset born and bred, previously frustrated ‘instinctive engineer’, who initially tried his hand (and successfully so) at city banking.  Over time Justin transitioned towards his real calling as a builder/developer.  The perfect opportunity to direct his pent-up versatile design, engineering and problem-solving skills, presented during a contract with Horses First Racing – to develop and make Eamonn Wilmott’s Seawalker® brainchild, reality.

    To deliver the ground-breaking horse training innovation Justin had to understand the givens, for example water filtration, through to developing integral parts that didn’t yet exist, registering designs and creating new technologies to run the entire system.

    The words “You can’t” are red rag to Justin and “No” is never his first answer to a challenge of suitable complexity!  He is however the first to refer clients elsewhere if he doesn’t feel EHC is best placed to help.

    Justin comes into his own when bringing international installations to fruition.  His skills and knowledge from his 13 years at S.G. Warburg are perfect for dealing with all the individuals involved in complex projects and is able to working with multiple currencies too.

  • Marie-Louise Chittenden
    Marie-Louise Chittenden Danish Stabiliser

    Multi-linguistic, grounded influence.

    Intrinsically part of EHC from the beginning, now actively working on the team, supporting all business activities.  Working for an independent small business, where new projects develop and individuals make a difference truly inspires her.  Sharing in a client’s journey, experiencing with them the excitement of how adding training options EHC supplies, can bring marginal gains to individuals, yards or overall equine training regimes makes the involvement all the more special.

    ML’s caring nature makes her immensely proud of the positive ripples EHC creates.  Whether that is relationships and activity within the local community, the team, their families, or the further reaching impact EHC’s activities has on customers and integral connections with trusted suppliers.

    ML has helped instil the importance of international trading and to look further afield to ensure the best products and components join the EHC stable from around the world.

  • Sara Postlethwaite
    Sara Postlethwaite All Things Sum

    Calm, diligent, sense checker.

    A native Londoner with her feet firmly planted in Somerset since 2006, a Mum to two now older teens and with a background working in the Tobacco industry, Sara brings a wealth of international business acumen to the EHC family.

    Since Sara joined in 2010 she has lifted EHC to be the professional company it is now.  Defined as elegant and meticulously organised, Sara ensures EHC’s finances are in tip top shape.  Perhaps not OCD, more detail obsessive.  Sara is way more than a figures person and is actively involved in all major business decisions, bringing her diligence and cautious approach to the table.

    Sara is the ultimate calm, in the office, pulling the team together and gets everyone through when we are working on a tough task.

  • Anna Makas
    Anna Makas Juggler

    Organised, Logistical, Polish former heptathlete.

    Anna does everything.  Nothing is ever a problem!  Another tidy and organised person – only ruffled when Equivia surface is placed on her desk!  With incredible technical abilities, Anna never fails to astound us when given a slightly different project to undertake.  Anna makes everything at EHC tick and on time.  Logistics and scheduling all elements of a project, no matter what the lead-time or where in the world they are being sourced, is just one of the roles Anna undertakes to make EHC projects happen. Having been with EHC since 2008, Anna has recently been encouraged to help with inbound sales enquiries, as we know she is way better at this than she gives herself credit for.

    A varied background includes competing through school and college as a heptathlete with a speciality in high jump , recruitment and sociology.  Anna has the prerequisites to juggle EHC commitments with those of her young family whilst helping her husband co-ordinate his building company.

  • Martin  Evans
    Martin Evans Tinkerer

    Calm, unflappable Liverpudlian former boxer!

    Martin and Justin’s skill sets combined just work.  Between them they overcome problems, streamline processes, improve production lead-times and get things working.  Martin simply puts items back together, once deconstructed to ‘understand them a bit more’.

    Martin uses his slight size and agility to get into places to get things just so.  A patient family man, who loves the great outdoors and campervans.  His grandchildren help keep him in check and he’s never far from his exuberant collie cross Star.

  • Nick Waite
    Nick Waite Eternally optimistic installer

    Team ‘hook and loop’

    The equestrian of the team.  Keen outdoor sport supporter. Another unflappable integral team member who again has skills to complement Justin.  With his own construction business Nick joins projects whenever there is the chance to get his hands dirty.

    Nick was instrumental in Seawalker’s evolution.  A great cheerleader to be around when things aren’t quite going to plan (whichever plan the team is working to, at that time!).

  • Eddie Pearce
    Eddie Pearce Effective Ironman

    Sparky conveyance

    If projects involve affecting water, electric or a plant room, Eddie’s our man.  With 20+ years water industry expertise, he and his team grasp all the complexities a plant room involves from water management, pipe fittings and control panels. Eddie has completed in an Ironman and loves to travel, he has worked with us all over the world.


  • Milo

    Chief of office meet and greet (when allowed!).  Labrador, not keen on car journeys, so not taken on visits (oh and he once peed on a clients’ sofa!).  Fought over by all staff to look after him when Justin and ML are away.

  • Crumpet

    Office Empress who sees it as her job to keep all canines and humans in line.  The atypical, loveable, bossy Dachshund with a regal aura.

  • Star

    General liability waiting to happen.  Bouncy Collie cross who has yet to understand the intricacies to enable her to drive a telehandler without Martin.

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