Why Choose A Seawalker Water Horse Walker?

There are ample reasons for adding the Seawalker to a farm, training facility, racetrack, or rehabilition facility.


  • Horses exercised in the Seawalker show great muscle definition without risk of injury associated with track work.
  • 4 to 8 horses can be exercised at the same time, with only one trained person overseeing them.
  • Less time lost bringing horses back after injury.
  • More starts per horse as they maintain fitness in a relaxed, safe manner.
  • Chilled salt water has restorative properties for horse’s legs, muscles, respiratory system and alleviates the need to ice horses after training.
  • No more days of training lost to bad weather or unsafe track/ground conditions.
  • Income generation potential from charging a fee per session.

Sales Preparation

While you cannot change a horse’s pedigree, basic conformation or make it faster than it physically is, there is no doubt that a healthy horse with great muscle definition will get more attention at a sale than the same horse in a lesser body condition.

Sales preparation using the Seawalker along with a proper feed program will have your horses looking as good as they possibly can. It offers water resistance training at variable depths, targets specific muscle groups and uses chilled salt water to reduce inflammation in joints.


Every horseman agonizes over injuries to their equine athletes and the associated rehabilitation time. This is fairly inevitable given what the horse in all its various athletic endeavours is asked to do. The question becomes about how best to heal injuries and return a horse to full fitness as effectively as possible.

Frequently a horse is given box (stall) rest for a period of time, then hand-walked for another period, before any turnout or ridden work may be started. Keeping horses that have been injured whilst at peak fitness from injuring themselves further during their transition stages is always a worry.

With the Seawalker, a horse can safely begin its comeback as soon as it is released from box (stall) rest, offering a combined treatment of chilling, resistance and gentle movement. Controlled loading of joints and limbs whilst in the Seawalker is effective in rehabilitating horses recovering from a number of orthopaedic injuries, leading to a more complete recovery from injury, more quickly. Now horsemen have access to all the benefits of a consistent cold salt water spa combined with extremely safe exercise area to return a horse to peak levels in a stress-free manner.

Unlike an equine swimming pool, horses exercising in the Seawalker have contact with the ground at all times and, as a result, maintain a regular respiratory pattern and spinal shape.

Business opportunity

The Seawalker, equine water walker, provides a range of training and rehabilitative benefits. In addition to these benefits, a substantial business opportunity may be realised by installation at the right facility. The most obvious business models include:

Create a rehab facility with a difference. This service industry has really taken off in recent years. Many yards have similar facilities which do little to differentiate one from another, other than attitude to care and location. The Seawalker, equine water walker, will create interest and publicity and, due to its scale, will enable a potentially unrivalled volume of equine traffic through it over the course of a day.

Lay-up and Recuperation
Start or add a Seawalker to a business providing the ultimate post-race recuperation therapy and send horses back into training fighting fit – unridden but toned and ready for work.

Training and Racetracks
Existing facilities around the world with our equipment, explain their horses are fitter, sounder and less prone to injury after training in the Seawalker. Horses that have suffered from injury, benefit enormously from rehabilitative treatment. These unique and substantial benefits could enable you to secure higher training fees and attract more owners to your facility.

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  • Used correctly, Seawalker is probably the most significant step forward ever in the training of the equine athlete…

    Mary Bromiley MBE FCSP SRP World-renowned equine physiotherapist
  • Cross-training in the Seawalker produces a stronger, more stable and balanced musculoskeletal system. This is likely to produce more confidence in the equine athlete and frequently a greater willingness to push itself that bit further. Walking through the water encourages the horses to adopt self-carriage. Working in such a way is an ideal scenario for all horses…

    Rob Jackson BVetMed MRCVS Veterinary surgeon to the British Endurance Team
  • We have already experienced many individual cases in the short time of having the Seawalker but of particular note was that leg joints and fetlocks tightened up in all horses, the effect was noticeable within days…

    Various trainers under confidentiality restrictions
  • A common problem with racehorses is that post-training the muscles can ‘tie up’ or seize. This is very painful for a horse and we found once again that a 20 minute session in the Seawalker before and after riding controlled this problem better than any medication…

    Various trainers under confidentiality restrictions
  • For the sprinting thoroughbreds a 20 minute session on the Seawalker before training would loosen up the muscles and we found the horses moved remarkably better directly after…

    Various trainers under confidentiality restrictions
  • We have already experienced many individual cases in the short time of having the Seawalker but of particular note was that leg joints and fetlocks tightened up in all horses, the effect was noticeable within days…

    Various trainers under confidentiality restrictions
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