Horse Gym Water Treadmill

Equine Health Centre is the UK Distributor for the Aquatrainer – the market-leading Aqua Horse Water Treadmill.  This is a saltwater treadmill for horses that complements and enhances training programmes across the spectrum, from rehabilitation through to full training; it is suitable for all breeds and disciplines.

There is no other product design available in the UK, boasting German engineering, enhanced safety features, simple use, superior filtration and specialist after sales care from the team behind The Seawalker.

Aquatrainer can be run with saltwater or as a dry treadmill with upgraded models that can achieve up to 25km/hr and up to 1.2 metres of water depth.

The Horse Gym 2000 water filtration system ensures the water can be used for up to 3 months.

For both routine and occasional deeper cleaning the Aquatrainer has very accessible cleaning apertures to reach sediments without having to spend an afternoon rolling around under the treadmill. Aquatrainers can be built into a recess in the ground without compromising cleanliness.

Aquatrainer offer resistance and endurance training without the weight of a rider or high speeds associated with conventional training. The variable depth allows different muscle groups to be targeted and the horses gait to be manipulated in order to achieve individual results. We know the EHC  Seawalker offers considerable fitness and development benefits to horses moving in water.  Horses on an Aquatrainer have resistance to their gait, creating an entirely different form of exercise, one that can only otherwise be achieved by real-life wading or in a Seawalker.

Equine Water Treadmill

When your stand beside a horse training in Aquatrainer you’ll be amazed to see the muscles working.

When full of water the Aquatrainer best suits walking, ensuring muscle groups are carefully trained and balanced. The intention is the horse will be relaxed during training. Their mind is fresh, the body is loose and their walking position is straight.  Models can be manufactured that can achieve higher speeds when not operated with water.


  • Simple display showing status of water level, running speed and training time, all adjustable simultaneously.
  • Market leading filtration
  • Automated backwash system
  • Available in a wide range of colours and finishes
  • Individual programme for every horse available or a simple, user-friendly control system
  • Water level up to 1.2m (3.9 feet). Optional use as a dry treadmill.
  • Suitable for salt water use
  • Available with Transparent viewing panels
  • Advanced safety feature
  • Soft start technology
  • German engineering
  • 2-year warranty



A light beam sensor senses any stumbles, and would cause the belt stops immediately. Quick release, drop down bars in front and behind the horse. Multiple emergency stop buttons and emergency fast draining measures including specially designed “hold ajar” door latches to aid rapid emptying of water in the case of an emergency. Unique gentle stop/start feature on our treadmills prevent the horse from being alarmed as the belt starts. (With over 20 years treadmill experience and thousands sold, Horse Gym 2000 has developed products with each and every safety and equine welfare considered.


The Aquatrainer is designed and engineered in Germany using the highest quality materials. Every stage of production is handled in-house including all fabrication, milling, electronics and programming. Delivery and installation are carried out by Horse Gym 2000 staff using their own vehicles.

Every aspect is designed with horse and handler in mind, even the maintenance is simple for any person to undertake.


Aquatrainer is easy to clean with an automated backwash system. Simple test kits for sterilization and salt content, large apertures either side of the belt allow for easy access to any sediment or to the area below the belt.


While a touchscreen with numerous additional features is available, we find many of our clients prefer a simpler manual operation. BOTH can be arranged with custom programming options.

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