Equine Surface Stabilising Fibres

Equivia Stabilising fibres can significantly improve the performance of any riding or training arena.

When added to an existing sand, or other dry, surface Equivia stabilising fibres can transform tired surfaces by enhancing consistency of going, improving energy return and maximising stability underfoot.

The stabilising fibres, we use, are clean Polypropylene fibres, so will have greater longevity compared to natural fibres, due to the length of time required to break down.

Equine Health Centre’s skilled and experienced team can install the stabilising fibres to your surface, or we can provide them on a supply only basis.

Equivia riding surface stabilising fibres

Equivia Fibre

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Clean post-industrial polypropylene fibres, i.e. Not re used materials
  • Compared to natural fibres have longevity as take longer to break down

To find out more about our all weather arena and ménage surfaces, request a quote,
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