Equivia All-Weather Arena Surfaces

At Equivia, we pride ourselves on being able to manufacture a complete range of high quality, adaptable, yet affordable riding arena surfaces. We understand that your riding surface needs are as unique as your horses.  We are therefore delighted to be able to not only offer our standardised range of all-weather surfaces, but also a bespoke surface offering, tailored to your own specific requirements.

Manufactured at our premises in Somerset, Equivia lends itself to a variety of uses, such as:


  • Indoor and outdoor arenas
  • Lunge and round pens
  • Gallop and canter tracks


Equivia surfaces are a combination of the finest Silica sand and, new clean chopped polypropylene, fibres that can be supplied waxed or unwaxed. We work with you, our clients, to find the right solution for your requirements, even if that means we need to achieve a more bespoke surface.


When used in an outdoor environment, if maintained correctly, these unique blends are designed to be long-lasting and free draining.

hoof print in sand

Equivia No. 1

Equivia No.1 – our premium, highest level of wax coating, equestrian surface.

Suited to a range of both private and professional arenas and competition venues, and indoor and outdoor use.  The going can be adapted to ride in line with your own requirements.

  • Dust free
  • Has a higher resistance to frost
  • Helps to create a more consistent surface (compared to lightly waxed and un-waxed surfaces)
  • The higher wax content helps to improve energy return, and longevity of the surface
hoof prints in sand surface

Equivia No. 2

Equivia No. 2 – a medium waxed, cost effective, blended silica sand and supportive fibre surface.

Based on Equivia No. 1 but with less wax.  Due to the lower level of wax, No.2 is a more cost-effective option for those looking for a high-quality waxed surface.

  • Dust free
  • Secure and consistent footing
  • Has a higher resistance to frost compared to Equivia No 3 and un waxed surfaces
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor arenas, as well as personal and professional arenas
  • The medium wax content helps to improve energy return and longevity of the surface compared to an un-waxed surface.
golden sand with mixed fibres

Equivia No. 3

Equivia No. 3 – a very lightly waxed, silica sand and supporting fibre equestrian surface.

Ideal for clients who prefer an un-waxed surface or are on a more restrictive budget.

  • Dust free
  • A more secure and consistent footing than that of an un-waxed surface
  • Has a higher resistance to frost compared to an un-waxed surface
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
A horse hoof print in a sample of Equivia fibremix equestrian surface

Equivia Fibremix

Equivia Fibremix is a blended un-waxed sand and fibre surface.

The fibre content creates a ‘root structure’ and therefore enables a greater energy return compared to sand along, or sand and rubber.  If maintained correctly, horses are able to work on top of the surface, rather cut into it too deeply, which in turn creates a more stable surface.

  • Must be kept moist
  • Has excellent moisture retention qualities
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor arenas
  • Improves energy return compared to sand alone
  • Mimics a more natural surface due to the fibre content
  • Cost effective
Equivia riding surface stabilising fibres

Equivia Stabilising Fibre

Equivia Stabilising fibres can significantly improve the performance of any riding or training arena.

When added to straight sand, or other dry arena surfaces, Equivia stabilising fibres can transform tired surfaces by enhancing consistency of going, improving energy return and maximising stability underfoot.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Clean post-industrial polypropylene fibres, i.e. not re-used materials
  • Increased longevity compared to natural fibres

NB: This is NOT a standalone surface

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