Equestrian Arena Surface Maintenance

Equestrian arena surface maintenance is an activity that needs to be factored in when installing an equestrian riding arena and selecting the surface.  Whether you choose a waxed or un-waxed surface, they will all require a certain amount of maintenance.

Sadly, there is no such thing as a maintenance free all-weather riding surface. All riding surfaces must be maintained correctly, and regularly, to ensure longevity and allow them to perform at their best. Therefore, when looking to purchase a new all-weather riding surface, we recommend the relevant maintenance equipment is also budgeted for.

Equestrian Surface Maintenance Machines

The Equivia Equestrian Surface maintenance machines are designed to maintain all types of equestrian surfaces, including all-weather waxed riding surfaces. They are available with rear single or double rollers and the depth of the tines are fully adjustable.  This therefore enables you to adjust the depth and way of going to suit your own individual requirements.

A side plate makes it easy to remove any build up, of surface, against retaining boards which in turn helps to level out any well used tracks.

Our strong, and highly durable, farm grade machines use standard agricultural parts, and are therefore easy to replace. Powder coated to ensure protection from the elements, ensures that the Equivia surface maintenance machines will last as long as your arena.

We offer a variety of sizes, up to 3 metres wide, all of which are available in a tow hitch or 3-point linkage version.

The Equine Health Centre and Equivia are happy to discuss each customer’s individual requirements and make tailored recommendations.

Surface Maintenance from Equine Health Centre

We are, of course, happy to visit our Equivia clients, post installation, to ensure your complete satisfaction.  At this time, we’re able to recommend a suitable maintenance plan to ensure the desired performance from the surface.

We are pleased to offer annual maintenance contracts to help ensure your Equivia Equestrian Surface performs at it best for the longest of periods.

To enquire about our equestrian surface maintenance contracts, please get in touch to see how we can help you.

To find out more about our equestrian surface maintenance options, request a quote,
or if you need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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