Equivia No. 3

Equivia No. 3 has the same fibre content as the other Equivia surfaces but is very lightly waxed.

It is ideal for clients who prefer an unwaxed surface, or are on a more restrictive budget. As the wax coating is very light, rather than binding the surface together, the light wax coating acts more like a dust suppressant, so will require little or no watering as a dry surface will.

Equivia No. 3, if maintained correctly can be used for all disciplines.

golden sand with mixed fibres

Equivia No. 3:

  • Is dust free
  • Has secure footing (compared to an un waxed surface)
  • Has a higher resistance to frost compared to an un waxed surface
  • Is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Helps to create a more consistent surface (compared to an un waxed surface)

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