Horse Gym 2000 Horse Treadmill

Equine Health Centre is the UK’s market leader when it comes to understanding the benefits of training equine athletes in water. Through our development of The Seawalker, we know training in water, chilling and filtration in a way that no other company can boast. Due to space restrictions, some yards seek a form of water training that fits into a tighter space than The Seawalker. As a result we sought out the best manufacturer of water treadmills to work with… and identified the Horse Gym 2000 horse treadmill.

Horse Gym 2000 was founded in 1997 by Seigfreid Mitzel, a passionate horse breeder, competitor and administrator in the German Show Jumping scene. Working originally welding and fettling in his garage to develop a treadmill that offered a better footing and a comprehensive set of safety features.

Quickly interest came from a new breed of customer looking for a better way to add something extra to their equine training regime in the safest possible way. Enhanced growth of musculature, controlled exercise and soundness benefits due to a consistent footing, all became factors horse owners and trainers sought.  It was not long before Siegfried left his day job and set Horse Gym 2000 on its pathway of growth.

Now employing over 40 local engineers, fabricators, designers and administrators at its two impressive Bavarian factories, Horse Gym 2000 sells over 750 units each month and seeks to continually develop new and improved products.

The entire process from start to finish is carried out in-house Horse Gym 2000 carries out its own European deliveries.


  • The ORIGINAL horse treadmill since 1997
  • 2 years warranty
  • Delivery & Installation in The EU
  • Customer service worldwide
  • “Made in Germany” CE – TÜV certified

With subsidiaries in the USA and Australia as well as a network of international representatives, it is no surprise to see Horse Gym 2000 products used by leading equestrians such as:

  • Michael Jung
  • Archie Alexander
  • Shadai Farm
  • Cummings Racing
  • McLain Ward
  • Gary Moore
  • Michael Whittaker
  • Boyd Exell
  • Tony Noonan
  • Rodrigo Pessoa
  • Al Shaqab

Many more from across the disciplines have looked to Horse Gym 2000 with the combination of the best in German Engineering, cutting-edge design, safety features and flawless after sales care.

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