Do I need to maintain my all weather riding surface?

Yes, there is no such thing as a maintenance fee all weather surface. How often will depend on the type of all weather surface and the usage.

Can I mix Equivia with my old surface?

Yes. As long as the surface is a sand based product and not contaminated with a lot of organic matter we can look at mixing Equivia with other manufacturers old surfaces. In many cases we are using similar sand, the same wax and same machinery as the other market leaders. We can take a sample of the old surface and mix it with a suitable amount of an Equivia surface for you to see and touch in order for you to feel confident in taking these steps.

Do I need to buy special equipment to maintain my surface?

Yes, a wax surface is designed for the horse to ride on top of the surface not into it, therefore you do not want to be ‘digging’ into the surface all you will need to do is ‘comb’ the surface, to remove any hoof prints or uncompacted sections due to jumping in one place etc. You should not use a chain harrow or other agricultural pieces of equipment as they can cause a lot of damage to the surface buy causing undulations and pulling fibre from the surface. Whether you have a waxed or un waxed surface we have the appropriate maintenance machine to correctly maintain your surface.

Do I need to remove droppings from my riding surface?

Yes, any organic matter including horse droppings should be removed, if it is allowed to stay in the surface it will reduce the effectiveness of the wax coating.

Can I adjust the ride depth ‘cut’ of my surface?

Yes, personal preference and different disciplines can require different types of ‘going’ or’ cut’. Depending on the type of surface you have and the type of maintenance machine you have at your disposal, you can change the way of going.

How can I make sure my un waxed riding surface doesn’t get deep and dusty?

An un waxed surface will need to be watered regularly during dry spells of weather in order for it not to become dry, dusty and deep.
If your dry sand surface has added fibre, and the sand is allowed to significantly dry out the fibres will migrate to the surface, if this happens you will need to both power harrow and rotovate the fibre back into the sand and then water and roll in order to regain compaction and stability.

Can I prevent my arena from freezing?

This will depend of the type of surface you have, if you have an un waxed surface and it is holding moisture and there is a hard frost is very likely to freeze, one of the many benefits of a wax coated surface is if maintained correctly it is unlikely to freeze. However, over compacted surfaces of any type waxed or un waxed prevent surplus water from draining causing a ‘backlog’ of moisture in the surface, which can then freeze.

What materials are Equivia all weather equestrian surfaces made from and do I need to be worried about contamination/safety?

Equivia is made from premium washed silica sand, premium crystalline wax and  polypropylene fibres and rubber. Our exclusive supplier of fibres source their raw carpet materials from the industrial sector offcuts ensuring there is no contamination from previous useage. Foam backing is removed first to eliminate the chemical filled dust associated with many fibre or carpet products before a process that pulls, then chops, the fibres.

Once you have installed my all weather riding surface how should I look after it?

Equivia’s team members have a long track record of maintaining surfaces. Having worked at Jockey Club Estates, Keeneland and managing private training establishments as well as a track record spanning numerous Equivia installations over the years and being published on the subject of training surfaces, we can offer full support. We will carry out initial training and can offer the machinery necessary for day to day maintenance. Of course we will always be just a phone call away to advise on the occasionally needed deep maintenance and take pride in the fact that Equivia surfaces installed more than ten years ago are still in great shape thanks to working closely with our clients to keep them tip-top.

My waxed Surface is looking old – do I need to replace it?

The Equivia team are often called in to look at older, tired surfaces from a range of suppliers. Quite often it is possible for us to advise on a medium term plan of topping up or re-juvenation as opposed to complete re-surfacing. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with clients and take a long term view to a surface allowing you the time to budget for that new surface down the line.

I have specific requirements. Can you cater for this?

Being a smaller company, Equivia are able to be very nimble and will always aim to find a custom surface if one of our mixes needs some tweaking to create your perfect surface.

To find out more about our all weather  surfaces, request a quote,
or if you need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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