Equivia No. 1

Equivia No. 1 is our durable premium cost effective blended waxed silica sand and supportive fibre, all weather surface.

Ideal for private or professional yards and competition venues. The going can be adapted to ride in line with your training requirements.

Equivia No. 1 is more durable due to its higher wax content, which will give it far greater energy return, stability, weather resistance and longevity. It is dust free and will have a far greater resistance to frost and will not need watering to ensure consistency of going.

Equivia No. 1, if maintained correctly can be used for all disciplines – from private to professional yards, to racehorse training and competition centres.

hoof print in sand

Equivia No. 1:

  • Is dust free
  • Has secure footing
  • Also ideal for lunge and round pen surfaces
  • Has a higher resistance to frost
  • Is suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Helps to create a more consistent surface (compared to lightly waxed and un-waxed surfaces)
  • The higher wax content also helps to improve energy return, and longevity of the performance of the surface

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