Horse Gym 2000 Treadmills have been sold worldwide for some 20 years. EHC only want to supplies the best and, having scoured manufactures Worldwide, we would only put our name to one company – Horse Gym 2000.

Horse Gym 2000 manufactures Horse Treadmills with speeds of  10km/hr to 70km/hr with variable inclines, safety features and 2-year warranty.


  • Market leading quiet electric drive
  • Cushioned, base plate for quietness
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Fully galvanised construction – to decrease rusting of metal parts
  • 0-10 degree lifting frame to simulate hill work.
  • Smooth start/stop action with no jolts to unnerve horses.
  • Simple maintenance protocol

Training on galloping treadmills has taken the horse racing world by storm with top class horses and trainers looking for every edge they can get. Mukhadram was openly known to have carried out a vast amount of his work on a galloping treadmill with great benefits to his soundness.

To see further detail, even on training in slower gaits, please look at the following study:

Treadmill training complements conventional training routines and offers many advantages for horses:

  • Controlled exercise at all paces. Perfect for both full training and rehabilitation
  • Absolutely consistent surface. Prevents injuries and aids recovery from injuries.
  • Lack of tack helps those suffering with a sore back, girth or mouth
  • Unhindered training in periods of bad weather
  • Ideal for enhanced build-up of muscle, sales preparation
  • Change of scenery
  • Nervous, unsound or difficult horses benefit from the calm environment.
  • Brilliant for managing keen and headstrong horses

Treadmills can help your yard:

  • Attract new clients and more horses.
  • Improve staffing efficiency
  • Reduces reliance on riders and other facilities
  • Full training schedule possible in all weather.

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  • The new Equivia gallop surface has stood up to the huge amount of rain we have had perfectly. No standing water anywhere and riding extremely well. Our covered ride was dusty and uneven so the old surface was completely removed and replaced with Equivia. The surface has been absolutely perfect for the job. The new gallop on the downs (which we call the Side Glance gallop) has been great and we have used it a lot!

    Ian Balding After renovation of the Loch Song gallop at Kingsclere
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