Seawalker Horse Water Walker

The Seawalker Horse Water Walker brings all the benefits of exercising horses in the sea to the professional equine training facility. The Seawalker installation, uses chilled salt water at varying heights to target specific muscle groups, provides the ideal exercising environment both for horses in training as well as those recuperating from injury and mares carrying foals.


  • Natural sea salt in crystal form is added to the water to produce a saline solution that is rich in beneficial minerals
  • Salt water chilled to 4°C
  • Gives you complete control of speed and depth of water
  • Offers a range of options to suit the customer’s specific requirements and budget
  • Has a unique filtration and purification system which keeps the salt water clean and fresh, without the addition of harmful chlorine


  • Perfect for cross training and recruiting new muscle groups
  • Improves stamina, general fitness and muscle tone
  • Builds back muscles and encourages self carriage
  • Reduces inflammation, swellings and soreness in joints and in tendons
  • Enhances healing of superficial cuts and grazes
  • Promotes improved blood circulation within the legs
  • Works abdominal musculature and strengthens top line
  • Increases range of movement and stride length
  • Develops core stability


  • Helps keep horses healthy and competitive
  • Offers the benefits of exercising horses in the sea but in the carefully controlled environment of your yard
  • Provides an effective aid to recuperation
  • Offers superior flexibility to target broad training requirements
  • The Seawalker and Filtration Plant is simple to control and maintain
  • Thorough training and  24/7 support provided

The Seawalker equine water walker enables the trainer to target different muscle groups in the horse, by varying the depth of the water, whilst the low temperature and salinity act as powerful restorative properties. Training at lower depths encourages the horse to exaggerate its natural stride in an effort to minimise the resistance of the water. This type of cross-training work, helps to strengthen abdominal musculature which is paramount to the core strength of the horse.

In deeper water, the horse has to work harder and adopts more of a wading action, employing the rear quarter and back muscles; providing a more general aerobic exercise platform. Trainers with a Seawalker have reported excellent results in preventing horses from ‘tying up’ and a significant reduction in general post-work stiffness with warm-up and cool-down Seawalker sessions before and after harder training.

A key Equine Health Centre (EHC) client who has Seawalker systems installed at their racing premises in the Middle East and in the UK has found the benefits of Seawalker are more dynamic, far reaching and less labour intensive than more traditional swimming. They have also noted significant improvements in the performance and general fitness of their horses through regular use of the Seawalker as part of their training programme.

The Seawalker offers unique advantages to equine breeders. Mares benefit from developing stronger abdominal musculature to better enable them to hold a foal successfully through gestation. Particularly noted at lower water depths, horses exercising in the Seawalker continually tense their abdominal muscles as a primal response to the splashing of cold water to the underside of the belly. Young horses benefit from becoming extremely well conditioned and fit with regular Seawalker cross-training, in a safe and controlled environment with no rider on their back.

In contrast to more traditional equine swimming pools, horses exercising in the highly innovative Seawalker maintain contact with the ground at all times and, as a result, are able to maintain a regular respiratory pattern.

Many horses hold their breath when they swim, others adopt short bursts of breath, few maintain a regular breathing pattern. There have been reports of increased lung bleeding through the physical exertion of swimming and whilst some horses are reasonably adept at swimming, many are not and simply do not take well to the water in this way. It is notable that horses enjoy training in the Seawalker.

Unlike spa therapy units, where the horse stands still, and water treadmills, where its gait is assisted, Seawalker offers unhindered natural movement for up to eight horses at a time.

The Seawalker is installed in several yards in Dubai and Newmarket as well as having an established presence in Europe and Australia.

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  • Used correctly, Seawalker is probably the most significant step forward ever in the training of the equine athlete…

    Mary Bromiley MBE FCSP SRP World-renowned equine physiotherapist
  • Cross-training in the Seawalker produces a stronger, more stable and balanced musculoskeletal system. This is likely to produce more confidence in the equine athlete and frequently a greater willingness to push itself that bit further. Walking through the water encourages the horses to adopt self-carriage. Working in such a way is an ideal scenario for all horses…

    Rob Jackson BVetMed MRCVS Veterinary surgeon to the British Endurance Team
  • We have already experienced many individual cases in the short time of having the Seawalker but of particular note was that leg joints and fetlocks tightened up in all horses, the effect was noticeable within days…

    Various trainers under confidentiality restrictions
  • A common problem with racehorses is that post-training the muscles can ‘tie up’ or seize. This is very painful for a horse and we found once again that a 20 minute session in the Seawalker before and after riding controlled this problem better than any medication…

    Various trainers under confidentiality restrictions
  • For the sprinting thoroughbreds a 20 minute session on the Seawalker before training would loosen up the muscles and we found the horses moved remarkably better directly after…

    Various trainers under confidentiality restrictions
  • We have already experienced many individual cases in the short time of having the Seawalker but of particular note was that leg joints and fetlocks tightened up in all horses, the effect was noticeable within days…

    Various trainers under confidentiality restrictions
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