What Sets The Vitafloor Apart From Similar Solutions?

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The Vitafloor works on the principle of Whole Body Vibration Therapy, initially researched and tested in humans, and utilised by NASA.  The vibrations are a mechanical stimulus by a vibration motor embedded in the flooring unit.

Unlike some solutions the Vitafloor was designed exclusively for horses.  Rather than taking a concept designed for people, or other animals, the Whole Body Vibration Therapy that is used by the Vitafloor was designed exclusively for equestrian use.  The heavier unit, although still classes as mobile, enables the Vitafloor to give better vibrations, that are targeted at the larger animals.

The solution is designed for 500kg plus animals, although it can be used by smaller equines and humans can also derive benefit from it.

The underpinning principle has had extensive research, with further intensive and independent research going into the usage and development of the solution for horses.  This includes a study conducted over several years by the Swedish Agricultural University, who found there were no adverse effects to its usage.  Further studies were also conducted by Dr. Bart Halsberbhe and various US institutions.

The vibrations emitted from the Vitafloor don’t just target the lower limbs.  The superior upwards vibrations also treat internal organs, making it a good treatment for colic, and the topline.

We recommend regular use of the Vitafloor, rather than a sporadic visiting consultant approach, because that is where the true benefit comes from.

  • for horses with bone related problems, it is recommended to use the Vitafloor twice a day for 30 minutes at each time
  • for all soft tissue issues such as tendons, ligaments, navicular, laminitis etc. twice a day for 30 minutes is also the recommended usage, albeit at a higher frequency
  • for those looking to utilise the Vitafloor for its general training, warm up, muscle building, and maintenance benefits, it can be used once a day for 10 minutes for young horses, or for 20 minutes for horses in training, ideally before work
  • Used as a therapy for horses with colic, the frequency should be increased to 50 Hz and used for up to 45 minutes per session. If the horse is still showing signs of colic the session can be repeated after a rest period

We do have ‘mobile’ units that are available for trial – contact info@equinehealthcentre.com or call 01458 251 300 for further information, and delivery costs.


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